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Our team of GMC registered doctors provide online consultations, in order to complete Medical Evidence forms such as those required for the Disabled Students Allowance. 

Book in at a time convenient for you, and we'll work with you to complete necessary paperwork for you DSA application. A clinic appointment costs a fixed fee of £28.00 and can be booked by clicking the button below.

Book In

Book your self in for an online appointment at a time that suites you. We work evenings and weekends! All you'll need is an internet connection.

Meet your dR

Log onto our online clinic and chat to one of our GMC registered doctors, who'll ask you a few questions about yourself relating to your DSA application.  

Receive your paperwork

At the end of your appointment you'll receive the completed Medical Evidence Form which is transferred through our online clinic platform, as requested.

Send it off

You can then send the completed Medical Evidence Form off to Student Finance England in order to complete your DSA application. 


What is the DSA?

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty and are studying in higher education, you may be eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs). These allowances cover extra disability-related costs or expenses you have while studying which are over and above those provided as reasonable adjustments by the college or university.

There are four allowances to cover different areas of need.

  • Specialist equipment allowance

  • Non-medical helper’s allowance

  • General and other expenditure allowance

  • Travel costs.

Depending on where you currently live, you should apply to one of the following agencies for your DSAs:

  • In England apply to Student Finance England. You can apply at the same time as making your online UCAS application. For NHS-funded courses, you need to apply to NHS Student Bursaries for your DSAs.

  • In Wales apply to Student Finance Wales. For NHS funded courses apply to NHS Wales Student Awards Unit.

  • In Scotland apply to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) for any course.

  • In Northern Ireland apply to your regional Education Authority. For NHS-funded courses contact the Bursary Administration Unit.

Why Choose

If you're applying to the DSA (Disabled Students Allowance) you'll need to submit Medical Evidence to SFE (Student Finance England). For most students this involves a doctor completing Medical Evidence Documentation.


Unfortunately these are private documents and your doctor will usually charge you to complete this. It can also take a while for the forms to be completed via the normal routes.


Here at The Higher Ed. Clinic we use our online Platform to enable you to meet with specially trained doctors who can complete your documentation in real-time. This means after only a short online consultation, you leave with the documentation you require. 

We provide a more affordable and accessible service than is currently available elsewhere, meaning you can get your Medical Evidence documents completed accurately, quickly and from the comfort of your own home.


Please book an appointment through our website at a time that suites you. As you'll see we offer clinics outside of normal working hours and at weekends. You'll require access to a computer and the internet for the clinic, but we will provide everything else.

Once booked onto a clinic you'll receive an email confirming the exact time of your clinic appointment,  and a web-link to join the online clinic. We'll give you some guidance on what materials to prepare prior to your appointment. At the allotted time we'd ask you to use the web-link provided to join our online clinic, where you'll be met by one of doctors.


If you've further questions regarding our service, then please get in touch using the contact details below. 


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If you're hearing impaired, not to worry. You can converse with our doctors using a text chat bar online. If you've other impairments that you think will limit your ability to converse online, we can set up an in person consultation at a time that's convenient, just contact us. 

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